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Can you guess which percentage of all staffing hours in nursing homes social workers account for?

Social workers have one of the most important responsibilities in an assisted living facility. The social worker is the person who communicates not only between the resident, family and the facility, but between the various caregivers for each of their clients. Can you guess, on average, which percentage of all staffing hours in nursing homes…
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PIcture of Infection from WikiPedia

The CDC’s Top 10 Infection Prevention Questions to Ask a Nursing Home and Why:

With less resilient immune systems, seniors are more susceptible to infection. Infections are a leading cause of death in adults over 65 and seniors with dementia. Those who are in a long-term care facility may be at an even greater risk. Here are a few questions you may want to request answers to when selecting…
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Simple Screen for Dehydration

Becoming hydrated (and sustaining it when we are) is a challenge even in younger bodies. As we age it becomes ever more significant for the maintenance of not only our body, but our mind. Our bodies are, after all, composed mostly of water. The following mnemonic device can be really useful in diagnosing states of…
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